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Ever-Power Double Reduction Worm Gear Units are constructed using 2 single reduction worm gear units. The primary worm gear unit is specially designed to mount integrally on a standard single worm gear unit which forms the secondary stage. The complete gear unit becomes compact and rigid in arrangement for slow moving machinery. A wide range of ratio from 75:1 to 4900:1 is available. These gear units are particularly suitable for high torque slow-speed drives. Worm gearing conforms to BS-721.

The exclusive use of the involute helicoid thread form on the worm and gear provides for high efficiencies and long service life. The hardened, ground and polished alloy steel worm develops a smooth, work hardened surface on the bronze gear. For this reason, the worm gears wear in and improve with prolonged service while other gears are wearing out.

Underdriven SNU-UD / SFUD

Overdriven SNU-OD / SFOD

Verticle output shaft SNU-VD / SFVD ( UP/down )

Hollow output shaft SNU-SMD /SSMD

Sizes 1¾/30, 2¼ /40, 2¼ /50, 3/60, 3/70, 4/80, 4/90, 5/105 , 5/120 , 6/140 , 7/170

Ratio Min. 75 : 1 to Max 4900 : 1

Power Capacity 50 kW

double reduction worm gearbox

The worm shafts are made of high quality case hardening steel, accurately generated, ground and super finished. The worm wheels comprise of phosphor bronze centrifugally cast rims of substantial sections welded to rigid centers. Considerable flexibility of shaft layout is permissible with all types of Double Reduction units. The dimension drawing for each series shows the different shaft handing arrangements and the appropriate reference should always be quoted when ordering.